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What Is Odyssey?
Odyssey is a social media platform committed to democratizing content creation while personalizing discovery. Launched in June 2014, Odyssey was founded to democratize the media business and elevate engagement, by magnifying broader perspectives and facilitating deeper conversations in and about the world. Distributing more than 50,000 pieces of content per month, Odyssey is built to capture the ideas of many and organically amplify those viewpoints to users around the world, using a hybrid model that incorporates the best aspects of social networking and publishing. Enabled by their proprietary technology, Odyssey’s “relevance engine” matches users with content they want to see, allowing them to lead conversations and drive engagement for a highly authentic experience. Our technology platform expands upon the traditional content model by fostering the creation, editing, distribution and consumption of world voices, while simultaneously amplifying them through organic social sharing. Marrying precise context with dynamic relevance, Odyssey is the only platform that allows people to seamlessly see and engage with different viewpoints on topics of interest to them from thousands of creators, all in one place. By providing its users with a 360° view of their interests, Odyssey expands their vantage point, fostering thoughtful conversation through its highly social and engaged community. We reach more than 30M monthly users and growing, with more than 14,000 selectively chosen creators contributing to the platform.

14,000+ content creators || 1,000+ local communities || 30M monthly uniques

Our Audience
Reaching Millennials (A18-34) Reach: 21.7% Comp: 75.6% Index: 262 60.1% HHI $75K+ (Index: 121) Source: comScore Media Metrix March 2016

Advertise With Us
Odyssey specializes in engaging display, native content, and video through our platform. We help brands to understand and engage with our audience at a national level, or with targeted location or topical reach. Because of our vast community of 12,000+ millennial influencers and content creators, we are able to help brands generate and access focus groups and insights from the very target audience they’re marketing to. The same power that a crowdsourcing platform enables in reflecting a diversity of perspectives and views can also be applied to generating a variety of native content and ideas to help your brand resonate with millennials.


Odyssey Eyes 100 Million Users” — September 12, 2016


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Odyssey’s CEO on new media — April 28, 2016

Executive Team

We seek out, hire and only work with forward thinkers across the company.

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Evan Burns, CEO & Co-Founder

Ken Nelson, Chief Business Strategy Officer

Anthony Whitaker, CTO

Kay Whitaker, CFO

Adrian France, CCO & Co-Founder

Lauri Baker, SVP Sales & Marketing