Principles & Specifications


The Odyssey identity is a seal of approval. By following Odyssey’s branding guidelines, you reap the benefits of our identity & contribute to its strength. Our branding is a very valuable asset & consistency within its usage is crucial amongst our visuals and platforms.

Odyssey’s values should be evident wherever Odyssey is encountered, whether online or in print/marketing materials. The strength of Odyssey will grow as long as these guidelines are managed properly.

Please do not alter our branding in any way. Follow these guidelines to fit Odyssey branding in the correct environment intended.


The primary use for the Odyssey logo is the two-color version. When color, imagery or printing prohibits this, it may be used in all grey or reversed out to white.

An opacity level of 60-80% can be utilized on images to ensure clarity and concept.

The logo can appear on color, illustration or photographic backgrounds as long as the integrity of the branding is not diminished.

Logo & Icon

Correct Use

In order to preserve the integrity of the flame mark, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space. The minimum clear space around the flame is equivalent to 1/3 of the width of the mark.

Incorrect Use

  1. Do not rotate the logo at any angle
  2. Do not add any effects
  3. Do not alter the colors of the logo
  4. Do not adjust the opacity levels of the logo

Logo Usage

If the Odyssey logo is to be used on an image, the opacity level of the image needs to be from 60%-80% on an overlay of our grey (#58585a). When using the logo over an image, the all white Odyssey logo (transparent flame/white disc), is the only option (as seen below). This is specifically utilized to ensure clarity & concept of the brand.

Logo Usage Table Logo Usage City

Icon Usage

To standardize the use of the icon, four sizes are provided.

  1. 16 pixels for favicon use (32x32 can also be utilized)
  2. Minimum of 50 pixels high for web banners & email headers
  3. Minimum of .850 inches high for printed materials
  4. Minimum of 70 pixels high for web pages

To standardize the use of color & the icon, two colors are provided. White can also be utilized if needed.

Color & Type

Pantone 7576C

C.4 M.36 Y.78 K.0

R.236 G.141 B.76


Pantone 425C

C.64 M.56 Y.53 K.29

R.88 G.88 B.90



The Odyssey logo consists of the flame icon & the standalone logotype. The use of the logo without the flame icon go as follows.

  1. The primary logo/colors should always be used unless a color background or photograph is being utilized.
  2. When used on a color background, the Odyssey text inverts.
  3. When the logotype is to be used in one color, the Pantone 425c is to be utilized in full.

Brand Type Faces


for Wordmark


for Headings

Platform Type Faces

Abril Fatface

for Primary Headings


for Body Text