As an Odyssey Creator, you drive the opinions, ideas, and discourse of a new generation of voices.

The influence of the users on our platform is limitless, reaching millions of readers every month. As such, we like to reward creativity and provide an environment where you can continually improve.

As a Creator, you get:

How do I earn money?

Odyssey uses a Revenue Sharing Model for all creator payment. Creators are paid on a monthly basis determined by the engagement they accrue during that period.

There are no guarantees under Creator Terms & Conditions about how much, or whether, you will be paid. Earnings are generated based on a share of net revenue generated when people engage with your content. More views may lead to more revenue.

At the end of every month, earnings will be determined for creators who have reached the appropriate threshold.

How do I get paid?

All payments are issued through PayPal each month following an analysis of performance in the given month.

In order to receive payment, creators must use the same email address associated with their Odyssey login to set up an individual PayPal account.

Payments will be deposited via PayPal the second week of each month once performance has reached the appropriate threshold.


Q: How do I work with an editor on my content? A: You can book time with an editor by scheduling a call through Odyssey University. Our team is dedicated to improving your skills, particularly through social media and audience development tactics, as well as good old-fashioned journalism guidance.

Q: How many views do I need to achieve paid incentives? A: Though net revenue is by no means stagnant, the base payment threshold to be qualified for revenue sharing, begins at around 15,000 organic views. This number is an aggregate of views on any piece of content you’ve ever posted during a given month. You can see your personal stats here via your creator dashboard.

Q: What defines organic traffic? A: Organic traffic includes views that originate from personal social shares, direct, or search traffic—not through paid or company page promotion.

Q: Who can I contact with questions? A: Any questions or concerns can be directed to our team via edithelp@theodysseyonline.com.